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Magnetoresistance in Sr2FeMoO6: x glass composites

Sui, Yu
Zhang, Xingquan
Wang, Xianjie
Cheng, Jinguang
Su, Wenhui
Tang, Jinke
The effects of interfacial states on the temperature dependence of the magnetoresistance MR of Sr2FeMoO6-glass composites have been studied. X-ray diffraction analyses show that the glass is most likely located at the grain boundary without causing a change of the crystal structure of Sr2FeMoO6. The variation of the resistance with temperature and magnetic field indicates that the added glass layer has profound influence on the MR properties. At low temperature, the MR in low fields is enhanced notably because the insulating barrier for the intergranular tunneling is improved by adding the glass layer at the grain surface. However, at high temperature, the MR decreases rapidly with the increase of temperature due to, in addition to the enhancement of spin-independent hopping of electrons through the localized states, the fast decay of spin polarization at the surfaces of the grains. This decay is induced by the separation of the ferromagnetic grains with the nonmagnetic glass layer at the grain boundaries.
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