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Firehold River, Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A.

FIREHOLD RIVER. Wherever one may go in the Yellowstone Park, particularly along the streams and in the valleys, he will meet with surprises and beauty almost continuously--whether the view is of the dense evergreen forests, or of open park-like stretches, or of grassy meadows, or of broad expanses of flowers, or of stretches of barren geyser and spring deposits, or of the springs themselves, or of smiling lakes and ponds, or of meandering streams. There is always surprising beauty and peculiar interest. The special wonderful exhibitions of this region seem to lend charm and expectancy, or at least suggestions, to scenes that elsewhere might not so deeply interest us. There is a spirit of beauty and of delight pervading the whole region. The streams in the Park have many characteristics or ways that attract and gratify us. The view on this card is of a spot along the Firehole River, but it is only a sample of hundreds of similar scenes in this wonderland. one who has leisure will linger long at many such beautiful places, and regretfully leave almost every spot that attracts his attention.
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