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Auto Bus Leaving Old Faithful Inn, Saddle Horses Waiting for Tourist Party, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Wyo.

AUTO BUS LEAVING OLD FAITHFUL INN AND SADDLE HORSES WAITING FOR TOURING PARTY, YELLOWSTONE PARK. Old Faithful Inn, at which tourists making the usual four-and-a-half day trip through the Park generally stop for the first night after leaving Mammoth Hot Springs, is located near the upper end of the Upper Geyser Basin. In architecture it is the most unusual of the four hotels in the Park, all of which are operated by the Yellowstone Park Hotel Co. It was opened to the public in 1904 and is said to be the most extensive log structure in existence. Great ingenuity has been exercised to make it at once unique and comfortable. the lobby within is 75 ft. square and open overhead to a height of eight storeis. Rustic balconies and stairways, in the erection of which many grotesquely twisted tree trunks have been utilized, frame this great rotunda, a conspicuous feature of which is an enormous stone chimney. Beneath the rocks composing it, piled to a height of 92 feet from floor to roof, yawn four great fireplaces, one on each side, each capable of burning whole tree trunks, a half a cord at a time. Old Faithful Inn, like the other hotels in the Park, is electric-lighted, steam-heated, and equipped with every other possible modern convenience. A distinctive feature is an observation balcony on top of the building, from which fine views may be obtained of the entire Upper Basin, with its many steaming pools and geyser cones. At night, powerful searchlights, which we see at the end of the roof balcony, play upon Old Faithful Geyser during its hourly eruptions, producing a picture never to be forgotten by the beholders. (View looking S. W. Elev 7,365 ft. Lat. 45° N.; Long. 111° W.)
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