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Data Analysis in Middle School Students: What is the current performance level?

Marvel, Cody
This paper presents the results of an investigation of 8th grade science students’ quantitative literacy skills. A unit assessment from 36 regular education students at Centennial Middle School in Casper, WY was analyzed using the Quantitative Literacy VALUE Rubric designed by Rhodes (2009) and refined by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Five skills were investigated (Interpretation, Representation, Application & Analysis, Assumption, and Communication) during this study, leading to a maximum score of 20 for the assessment. The results showed that many students do not perform at an adequate level in Analysis, evidenced by the mean of 9.8, the median of 9.75, and the mode of 11.5. A range of 15.5 was also seen, as the lowest total score was 3, while the highest was 18.5. Of the 36 assessments, only 11 scored high enough to reach Natrona County School District’s proficiency standard of 70%. The study highlights the need for more data analysis-related assignments and questions (i.e. graphs, charts, tables, figures, etc.), as well as increased expectations in skill-based learning.
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Data analysis,Qualitative literacy,Quantitative analysis,Middle level learner,middle school
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