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The Laramie Community Commerce Project

Swenson, Katherine Rose
As public facing projects go, the goal of this project it to not only gain a sense of what the literature and academics say about age-friendliness, but to also understand the needs of the specific community, Laramie, Wyoming, and its unique requirements when creating an environment that is more age-friendly for all members. The goal of this project was to mold the businesses of downtown Laramie into a more age-friendly space. . A series of 4 educational videos with topics ranging from ageism, physiological changes of aging, accommodations for older adults, and general age-friendliness were created with the intent to distribute these programs to local businesses in the community. Viewers are the workers and business owners of Downton Laramie. In partnership with the local non-profit, Age-Friendly Laramie, these videos will contribute to making our community more inclusive. It is hoped that businesses will be better informed about how to become a more age-friendly establishment.
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Gerontology,accessibility considerations,aging-related,Age-friendly environment,age-friendly city,Laramie
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