Land Wind Racer Design

Allen, Shyla
James, Nick
Mitchell, Lee
Rykhus, Austin
Z4 Energy Systems LLC in September 2011 requested that RideWY Engineering, design a wind powered vehicle to be entered into the "Celebration of Wind" race held in Rawlins, Wyoming in May 2012. Design of this vehicle was to be completed by December 2011 with construction beginning in January 2012. Design constraints were set forth by the competition rules as well as Z4 Energy Systems, with a main goal of victory. Under these constraints, RideWY created the final designs and specifications using mathematical modeling and innovative designs. The optimal design for the land sailer would implement a 3 wheel design, with 2 wheels in the front. Steering was accomplished using a tiller system in the rear of the sailer. The frame material will be 1018 alloy steel. The sail utilized was a downwind sail, or spinnaker sail. The design of this project was completed in assistance with faculty and staff of the University of Wyoming, and presented in this report.
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