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Story of the Ink and Paint Department, The

Thielk, Emma
The Ink and Paint department at the Walt Disney Studios, for a while, was a department completely staffed by women, but this department faded away with the introduction of technology at the studio. There has been a revival in knowing about the Ink and Paint department in recent years and the purpose of this paper is to figure out who owns the revival story because of the biases that surround this department. To understand the complexity of this department and therefore revival, this study was completed in three parts – how the department was viewed in the past (to know how the studio viewed the department during the golden years of the studio), how it is viewed in a museum setting, and how it is viewed in present day with the publication of a book. I found biases in how the story is being told in different settings and the format of telling these stories greatly impact how the public then views these stories as well. The story that is being presented as the truth was told though the lens of unbiased sources such as a museum, but these entities actually hold many biases, but they have the privilege of controlling how the Ink and Paint department is viewed in present day.
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Disney,Gender,Ink and Paint Department,History,Pop Culture,American Popular Culture,Museum Studies,Other Film and Media Studies,United States History,Women's History,Women's Studies
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