Frequency Dependent Audio Visualizer

DaRif, Kyle
Schmidt, Devon
Music is a language that can be shared with everyone. However, it's a shame that in most cases, music can only be enjoyed through listening. Our project aims to incorporate a visual component to any audio signal. Granted, audio visualizers are nothing new, but most are created digitally within software; our visualizer is created robustly using analog methods. We intend to process a stereo audio signal to be used to illuminate an LED array based on the frequencies within the signal. The signal is first amplified using a class-D amplifier. It is then processed using two groups of eight analog filters, one group for each channel of the audio. After filtering is complete, the signal will then be converted to a DC voltage. This voltage will be inputted into a small pulse width modulation generator. The output of this generator will be used to control a small current driver that is connected to the LED array, allowing for LED brightness to be controlled via the signal voltage. All of our components are to be compactly housed so that the visualizations can be enjoyed anywhere.
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