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Climate Action Planning at the University of Wyoming in Conjunction with the City of Laramie

Taylor, Chelsea F
The University of Wyoming (UW) plays a large role in the City of Laramie, environmentally, politically, and economically. Because of UW, Laramie has a different population dynamic than the rest of the state. UW brings a younger population to the City, and with that comes different ideas on climate action planning and emissions reduction. Demand for change rose in 2020 when Laramie made the unanimous decision to be carbon neutral by 2050. The City must work with parties within its borders in order to achieve this goal, one of them being UW. In 2009, UW created a three-phase climate action plan through the American College & University President’s Climate Commitment but has since withdrawn. Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) such as the Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) still exist and compile greenhouse gas inventories in accordance with the dismissed climate action plan. Both UW and Laramie have infrastructure in place to work on and create climate action plans. In this study, I explore the idea of the City of Laramie and the University of Wyoming working in conjunction with each other to create a joint climate action plan. Using purposive sampling, I interviewed selected participants and discussed this prospect with them. Using this research, I compile a list of recommendations and solutions to creating a joint climate action plan. This project aims to help Laramie and UW realize their potential in working together on climate action planning and how they both can contribute to a sustainable future.
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