Preliminary geologic map of the Dale Creek quadrangle, Albany County, Wyoming

Carnes, J.D.
Lynds, R.M.
Gregory, R.W.
Ver Ploeg, A.J.
The Dale Creek quadrangle is located in southeast Wyoming, on the southern boundary of the Laramie basin. Previous work in the area identified the Middle Proterozoic Sherman batholith, Early Proterozoic metamorphic country rock, the northern portion of the Virginia Dale intrusion, Devonian kimberlites, and Pennsylvanian sediments. This study additionally identified multiple phases of the Sherman batholith including Lincoln Granite, porphyritic granite, and mafic bodies which have not previously been mapped in detail, as well as the inner and outer cap rock phases that have been described in Colorado relative to the Virginia Dale intrusion.
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Dale Creek,Albany County,Wyoming,Sherman Granite,Lincoln Granite,geology,geologic map
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