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Marvelous Beauty of Jupiter Terrace at Close Range, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Wyo.

MARVELOUS FANTASTIC BEAUTY OF JUPITER TERRACE SEEN AT CLOSE RANGE, YELLOWSTONE PARK. The endless variety of colorign and tinting, of general outline form, of minute, and even of microscopic, structure exhibited by the Mammoth Hot Springs is, to most visitors, a source of intense delight. As one moves from one center of activity to another he continually changes his opinion as to which is the most delightful and satisfactory of them all, and often finds himself saying, "How happy could I be with either, were t'other dear charmer away." Here are gradual slopes, sweeping for hundreds of feet gently down the side of the mountain; there are nodulated and fantastic surfaces, showing an infinity of detail in structure and surprising combinations of color. Crowning these are remarkable forms that suggest stairways, balconies, and opera boxes, each form suported by queer brackets or by artistic pillars. Here are growing stalactites and stalagmites; there are delicate spindles and fluted columns, each having not only a shape peculiarly its own, but colorings even more distinctly peculiar. The view on the opposite side of this card is one of the finest photographs that has been produced in the Park, but only those who have been there to see the colors are able to read into even the best plain photograph the wealth and delicacy of coloring that characterize the pools and terraces of The Mammoth Hot Springs.
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