Miniature Environmental Chamber

Maestas, Gabriel
Gates, Samuel
Turner, Nicholas
Veinbergs, David
Assistant Mechanical Engineering Professor at the University of Wyoming, Dr. Ray Fertig III, has commissioned Enviro Engineering, Inc. to build a miniature chamber to be used for controlling environmental variables during micro compressive testing. The chamber will operate within a temperature range of -150°C to 250°C. 316L stainless steel is the primary chamber material along with PTFE seals and Pyrogel insulation. The chamber materials and components are resistant to corrosion. Cooling and heating will be achieved through liquid nitrogen and an immersion heater. The fluid is circulated throughout the system using a blower. The chamber will maintain environmental humidity conditions through a custom humidifier. A check valve maintains ambient pressure within the system. A second check valve prevents the system from operating in vacuum. The heating, cooling, and humidification processes will be controlled via LabView and an external multifunctional DAQ. Temperature and humidity sensors will be placed inside the chamber. The cost of the design exceeds the $2,250.00 budget by 10%.
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