Cowboy Racing SAE Mini Baja

Dykman, Cody
Garland, Robert Spencer
Ramer, Jesse
Romoth, Doug
Salyards, Jesson
Saner, Corey
Schuler, Brett
Starbuck, Warren
Voorhees, Josh
Werkele, Kyle
Cowboy Racing designed, tested, and manufactured a single passenger, off-road vehicle to compete at the national Society of Automotive Engineers Carolina Baja Competition in April 2010. The vehicle is powered by a 10 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine, mounted in a frame to support driver, suspension and drive train. The cockpit accommodates a person that is six foot one inches tall, and weighing approximately 180 pounds. The suspension design consists of four independent articulating wheels. Front wheels are supported using unequal length double A-arms and rear wheels are mounted with a modified trailing arm system. The drive train consists of a primary and secondary clutch, also known as a Continuously Variable Transmission. Via an output shaft, the CVT drives an Anaheim Automation planetary gear reduction system. The planetary output shaft couples to the differential through a chain and sprocket. This project provided Cowboy Racing with real-world design experience in project management, communication with machinists, teamwork, and problem solving.
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