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Queer Old Liberty Gap and Mammoth Springs Hotel, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo., U.S.A.

QUEER OLD LIBERTY CAPAND MAMMOTH SPRINGS HOTEL, YELLOWSTONE PARK. On reaching the Upper Geyser Basin--about fifty miles from Mammoth Hot Springs--the astonished tourist looks upon the grandest of all geyser regions. Here the surface of the vast stretches of formation is perforated like a pepper box, and from each opening striking columns and clouds of steam are constantly issuing, while in the pools, springs, craters--or whatever name one may give to the openings--the most transparent of waters are steaming, bubbling or boiling, some violently and some gently, while others are quietly hot, with surfaces smooth as glass. Down into some of he pools one may look to unknown depths and see the clouds above him reflected with remarkable clearness; but, apparently, they are so far away as to make him feel that he is looking through our globe and beholding the clouds that float in the skies of China. In cold weather the amount of steam visible all over the Upper Basin suggests to commercially inclined minds a city of thousands of factories, from the chimneys and escape pipes of which issue the volumes of steam that have done service in ponderous engines, and are now permitted to go free.
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