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Slavery and Human Exploitation in the Modern Era: A Case Study

Ruckman, Taylor Dawn
Human trafficking is a modern problem. It is a widespread issue that will not be going anywhere soon unless some drastic changes are made by world powers, food producers, and consumers alike. Conditions like poverty, refugee status, globalization, and cultural insecurity perpetuate slavery and modern consumers are allowing it to happen through ignorance. Through the use of Hegemonic Theory within this case study, I distill the roots and causes of human trafficking including political power struggles and the rhetoric of dehumanization. I employ critical analysis in order to analyze how human trafficking operations work in Cambodia, Ghana, and Italy today. In this case study I draw out some solutions to this modern issue and illustrate the contributions anyone can make in order to impact the movement against human trafficking. No one need be a bystander, advocacy may be a victim’s greatest need.
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