Guaranteed Tuition Policies and Student Success at US Public Universities

Schueler, Brian
This study of guaranteed tuition policies across various US public universities aims to evaluate the effects of guaranteed tuition policies with regard to recruitment, retention and graduation rates. Guaranteed tuition policies, also called 'locked-in' or 'fixed tuition' plans promise 4 or more years of flat tuition rates for students who meet minimum academic requirements from the time of enrollment. This study will use statistical analysis software to evaluate data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) for multiple universities which utilize and do not utilize guaranteed tuition policies. Statistically significant correlations between recruitment, retention, graduation rates, or other important university metrics and guaranteed tuition policies could provide indication of potential benefits and/or drawbacks of these policies. This research could then be used to inform policy decisions at the University of Wyoming and other public universities which might consider guaranteed tuition policies.
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