Android Mobile OS : "Breakout" Application

Jaeger, Carl
Richardson, Eric
Zebre, Frank
The Android OS is a leader in mobile device technology. With constant new releases of smartphone and tablet devices, and the growing impact of them on everyday life, a distinct ability to create and understand software for these devices is critical. Consequently, our senior design project represents a start-to-finish approach of producing a "Breakout" style game for the Android OS. "Breakout" is a common game composed of a user sliding a paddle horizontally to bounce a ball vertically towards a group of blocks. When a ball comes in contact with a block, it destroys that block and bounces back towards the paddle. The game is over if the user fails to bounce the ball back to the blocks with the paddle, or if all the blocks are destroyed. This project implemented the Android software development kit (SDK). Most importantly, our project enabled us to develop graphical, mobile systems, and game development/programming skills that we would not find in a regular classroom setting.
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