Data Destruction Machine

Magstadt, Andy
Protective Technology Services (ProTec) responded to a request for interest by The Regulated Materials Management Center (RMMC) for the design and construction of a data destruction machine. The machine must be able to render many types of common electronic data storage devices unreadable, primarily hard drives. The Data Destruction Machine has been modeled around a set of design constraints set forth by both the RMMC and ProTec. Two counter rotating shafts, turning blade like 1" thick cams, were originally designed to grab and shred devices into fragments. Large torque requirements (9,000 ft-lb/shaft) and continuous feed rates drove power requirements and prices up considerably. Based on budgetary constraints, this design (completed fall semester) was abandoned. A vastly-different version has been redesigned and built to specifications, meeting financial requirements. The final machine relies on a hydraulic press to crack, crush, and destroy each device, with automated controls assisting placement and removal of devices. This machine is capable of delivering 36,000 lb f to a hard drive, a FOS of roughly 3. The vertically mounted punch and rotating arms (to place/remove each device) are monitored by a set of sensors and controlled by PLC-based switches/valves.
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