Hidden Barriers: The Experience of Academic Librarians and Archivists with Invisible Illnesses and/or Disabilities Dataset

Peter, Samantha Huntington
Quirin Manwiller, Katelyn
Crozier, Heather
Anderson, Amelia
This study seeks to identify barriers to academic librarianship for LIS professionals with invisible illnesses and/or disabilities. A survey of MLIS-holding librarians who live with invisible illness(es) and/or disabilities examined the impact of illness or disability on work, disclosure, and potential stigma within workplace culture. Results indicate cultures do not allow for open disclosure and hinder access to the federally-protected accommodations process, ultimately demonstrating an inequitable and inaccessible field. We can begin to break down these barriers through improved understanding of the diversity of disability and accessibility training geared towards employee inclusion within the LIS field. This dataset features the raw data from the questions. All other and textual answers have been removed to protect participant anonymity.
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Invisible disability,academic libraries,accessibility
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