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Analysis of Latino Outdoors' Organizational Performance: A multiple Constituency Approach

Orozco, Alfonso
Large demographic shifts are occurring in the United States and one of the largest growing groups is Latinos. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Latinos are expected to account for 28% of the population by 2060. An annual report done by the Outdoor Foundation in 2016 shows that Latinos tend to recreate at lower rates than their white counterparts and are often underrepresented in outdoor recreation, conservation, and environmental organizations (Outdoor Foundation, 2016). In this paper, I look at a young nonprofit organization, Latino Outdoors, that is addressing issues of underrepresentation and lack of access to outdoor recreation and the outdoor field among American Latinos. I first conducted a literature review to understand the social context in which Latino Outdoors exists, and then carried out a survey to assess organizational performance. The survey included both quantitative and qualitative questions and was grounded in a multiple constituency approach. This approach is used to understand how an organization is performing based on constituent perspectives of success. Latino Outdoors (LO) was established in 2014 and is going through a strategic master planning process. I undertook this study with the intent to provide essential information that may help to guide LO in their decision making process. The results of my study may inform Latino Outdoors' strategic decisions.
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Organizational Performance,Latino,Latino Outdoors,Environment,nonprofit,nature,equity,Education,Science and Mathematics Education
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