Development Process for a Comprehensive Tool to Improve Financial Literacy, The

Stewart, Katherine
The financial decisions that students make during college can drastically impact their financial position and stability in the future. It is important that students understand the lasting effects and potential ramifications of the financial decisions they make. In order to support more knowledgeable financial decision making and help students better understand and visualize the financial impact of their decisions, the University of Wyoming's Beta Alpha Psi chapter has developed a comprehensive financial tool. This tool was developed in Excel, with the potential to become a mobile app, and allows students to enter their financial decisions and understand how these decisions will impact their futures. In developing this tool, we followed a systems analysis and design process. I have followed and recorded the systems development process used in creating this comprehensive financial tool. This includes diagramming and documenting the various phases of planning, analysis, design, and implementation that occurred during the development of this tool. This systems development process and narrative will serve as a guideline for understanding the objective of this project, ensuring the completeness and effectiveness of the tool for improving financial literacy, and aide in the continuous monitoring and improvement of this tool.
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