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Continental Divide Where the Waters Flow to Both Oceans from this Lake, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Wyo.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN DIVIDE, YELLOWSTONE PARK. The drive from Upper Geyser Basin to Yellowstone Lake over the Continental Divide (which indeed we cross twice on this trip) is one of the most interesting parts of the tour of the park. Three and one-half miles out from the Upper Basin we leave the Firehole River, enter the mouth of Spring Creek Canyon and ascend the banks of that charming stream about three miles. This narrow, picturesque pass affords many surprising turns and delightful views. Seven miles from Keppler Cascades, we reach the first Divide, on the very crown of which is a small body of water called Lake Isa. When the water was high in this lake it actually flowed out in two directions--one part going to the Atlantic ocean and the other to the Pacific ocean. In constructing the road the fill was made to divide this lake into two bodies of water, one of which drains to the cast, while the other flows west. So tortuous are the drainage streams on this Divide that the waters from the east side of the road eventually flow westward, and those from the west side of the road flow eastward. Nearly everything is surprising in the park; many of the phenomena are paradoxical--and some of them are incredible to those who have not actually seen them.
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