Non-wetting phase trapping in hysteresis cycle for gas-liquid phase systems

Debebe, Tewodros
The objective of this research is to investigate the amount of gas trapped in a porous media and the nature of its mobility, in a context of CO2 geo-sequestration in laboratory experiments under realistic pressure and temperature conditions. In this liquid-gas system, nitrogen is non-wetting phase and brine represents the wetting phase. For our research, we will use sandstone (core) from a saline aquifer in Wyoming obtained from the experimental well project. For this research we used reliable equipment called CPCS-355Z Capillary Pressure CO2 System, which enables us to measure very small capillary forces while at high pressures and temperatures similar to those conditions encountered in a petroleum reservoir. The CPCS-355Z offers a method to measure incremental or continuous desaturation data versus pore capillary pressure at reservoir conditions of temperature and pressure. Due to its major reduction potential of CO2 from the atmosphere, implementing of CO2 geo-sequestration in the future is very likely. The results of the planned experiments can help us to understand how much CO2 can be trapped in liquid-gas phase system.
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