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Socket Golf - Building A Google Cardboard Game In Unity

Carlson, Caleb P.
Virtual reality is a new and emerging technology in the field of computer science designed to immerse the consumer into the product. To study and learn more about this technology, a four-person team of graduating seniors set out to build a mobile game for Google Cardboard. The game that was created uses the Unity game engine along with Unity multiplayer servers for the development tools. The application was designed to be run using both a Google Cardboard headset and an android controller to allow the user to control the game without removing themselves from the immersive experience. The idea for the game came from an existing game called Rocket League, where the premise is to play soccer with a car. Throughout the design process the ideas for the game changed, but the final product, rightly named Socket Golf, is a mixture of soccer and golf. Each player spawns a bean-like character and plays a game of golf with a soccer ball. The player is provided with three different kick angles and kick strengths they can cycle through to assist them in getting the ball into the hole. The final product of the project consists of three main components for the game. They include a tutorial, where the user can learn the controls; single player, where the user wants to make a hole in as little strokes as possible; and multiplayer mode, where two players can fight each other to be the first to get the ball in the hole.
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computer science,software,unity,google cardboard,engineering,Graphics and Human Computer Interfaces,OS and Networks,Other Computer Sciences,Software Engineering,Theory and Algorithms
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