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VR Coding Concepts

Horwitz, Erik
Coding has become more ubiquitous in all aspects of modern education, people regardless of age or major are being introduced to coding and everyone starts in the same spot: basic coding concepts. Learning how to code is an extremely difficult concept for most people as a deep understanding of logic is required, visual learners also suffer when learning to code since most teachers rely on blocks of text to explain abstract topics that can be hard for new learners to decipher. I believe that the immersiveness and hands on aspect of Virtual Reality can increase learning efficiency while tackling the abstraction that comes with coding. By integrating VR into the learning process of programming, there may be a sharp increase in understanding resulting in more engagement and interest in development as a whole. Utilizing the attentiveness people embody while playing video games, I developed an interactive project to introduce people to the core concepts of coding found throughout all languages. By the end of the game the user will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of coding concepts such as Variables, Boolean Logic, Operators, Methods, and Loops. The goal is to not create world class developers but to introduce and teach people as much about code in as little time as possible without the boredom and abstraction that comes from textbooks or online videos.
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