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Morning Glory Spring, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Wyo.

MORNING GLORY SPRING, YELLOWSTONE NAT. PARK, WYO. Among all the lovely lakes, springs and pools which gem the surface of Yellowstone Park with facets of iridescent colors, not one attracts more admiration from the visitor than Morning Glory Spring, which we encounter close beside the road just as we enter the Upper Geyser Basin. The water of this srping is a rich translucent blue in color, with infinite delicate shadings. As its name implies the funnel-shaped crater and symmetrical basin, 23 ft. in diameter, bear in striking resemblance to a huge morning glory set in the ground. The crater has an apparent depth of 29 ft. and the temperature of the water is 170.6 degrees F. Other notable springs in the Upper Basin are Crested Pool, Chromatic and Beauty Springs, Chinaman Spring and Butterfly Spring. About a mile W. of these, in or near Black Sand Basin, are a number of other beautiful quiet pools and lakes, including Sunset lake, Rainbow and Emerald Pools, and Green Spring, each one carrying in its prismatic depths the predominant colors suggested by its name. In Black Sand Basin, also, in the noted Handkerchief Pool, which has the peculiar property of drawing into its small, funnel-shaped opening any bit of cambric placed on the surface, the article coming up again after having vanished from sight for a few minutes. The temperature of the water in these various pools varies from about 157 degrees F. to above 200 degrees F., the temperature in the geysers being about the same. (View looking W. Elev. 7,300 ft. Lat. 44° N.; Long. 111° W.)
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