Reflections upon India

Dockter, April
Travel is a life altering experience that can affect entire life outlooks. My journey to India in 2011 was an eye opening experience that has since allowed me to reflect upon my life and gain some perspective. I have grown a lot over these past three years at UW and this installation show can attest to that. I am using patterning that reflects on many cultural uses to create a commentary on craft and crafting, printmaking, society, emotion, and abstraction within art. Judy Pfaff is an artist that has influenced the contemporary art world over the past 50 years. She has traveled worldwide to teach and learn. She has taught all across America. This semester she is teaching here at UW and helping us to learn and create art in a different way. I am learning to incorporate my experiences from India with the other opportunities and learning experiences that have helped form me into the person I am now. I am using this awareness of who I am to create a full immersion experience that fills entire spaces.
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