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Stages leaving Old Faithful Inn for the Lake Hotel, Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.

Park visitors of the future when stopping in the Upper Geyser Basin will be afforded the pleasant experience of lodging in one of the most unique hotels in the world. The building shown here was completed in June, 1904, at a cost of $175,000 by the Northern Pacific Railroad. It is situated in the Upper geyser Basin near Old Faithful Geyser. Thus from a window or veranda of the hotel one can watch this magnificent geyser play every hour night or day. The building is constructed largely of unhewn timber and rough stone. The main portion shown here is over a hundred feet high and is entirely open within, this being the lobby. In the ell to the left and in one corresponding on the opposite end off the main building are the guest rooms, while in another ell to the rear, is the dining room. A stairway leads up first on the inside and then on the outside of the main portion of the building to an observatory on the roof. At one end of this we can see a serach light lantern. The search light is thrown on the geyser as they play at night producing a beautiful effect. We see here the four horse stages, which are the common means of travel in the Park, leaving Old Faithful Inn for Lake Hotel, a ride of several hours before we take the steamer to cross the lake. The stages leave about seven o'clock in the morning and there is always a gerat deal of good-natured rivalry for the position on the drivers' seat as the drive is a most beautiful one, twice crossing the great continental divide.
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