Comparison of the United States, Japanese, and Spanish Education Systems

Vandiver, Aubrey
There are drastic differences between the United States, Japanese, and Spanish education systems that will shed some light on why some countries education systems are successful and while others struggle. Japan ranks near the top of the world in education; Spain is located in the middle, while the U.S. education system has been steadily declining. Beginning with primary school and continuing on to secondary school, the similarities and differences between the systems will be thoroughly examined. Class sizes, teaching methods, standardized tests, grading scales, and budgets for education systems play a role in the success of a country. My own personal experiences in the U.S. and Spain will be drawn upon as well research from a variety of sources. By examining each system thoroughly and discovering the differences between the three, I hope to discover why some countries are successful while others continue to lag behind, and perhaps some solutions that could help the countries with poor education systems improve.
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