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Golden Gate, Yellowstone Park, Wyo., U.S.A.

GOLDEN GATE, YELLOWSTONE PARK, WYOMING. This is the road tourists travel in coming from the Gardiner Entrance and the Mammoth Hot Springs, three and a half miles back of us. The geyser basins and the lakes, we have not yet seen, but we are on the road that will take us there very quickly. The creek at the left joins the Gardiner River which forms a tributary of the Yellowstone. Terrace Mountain is the solid mass of rock rising at our right, 1500 feet above the roadway. The partly wooded slopes at the left are part of Mount bunson, named for the famous scientist who originated the generally accepted theory about the cause of geyser action. the popular name of this mountain pass comes from the yellow color of the rocks on which there is a vigorous growth of golden moss. The pillar standing up from the outermost edge of the road is living rock--a part of Terrace Mountain left standing when the roadway was blasted out. Emerging from the Canyon, we approach a bleak plateau across which stretches the road we will travel to reach the geyser basin. From this 7000 to 8000 foot plateau we can get a view of some of the loftiest mountains which surround the Park. Some of these show very plainly they were formerly active volcanoes. There is evidence here also of another force in nature. At some time during the far-away past, the gigantic glaciers that covered so much of the northwestern country were scraping and grinding their way over the park area too. they could not subdue however the fiercely high temperature of the far depth underlying this region, magnificent evidences of which we shall soon see.
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