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Implementing a One Health Approach to Rabies in Wyoming

Walker, Elizabeth
One Health is an approach that addresses the interrelation between to animal, human, and environment health. One Health seeks to unite efforts at solving health issues by providing a more holistic approach to public health. A One Health approach to the prevention of rabies transmission from bats to humans has received little attention, but, could have great benefits. This project seeks, by providing a One Health recommendation to governmental entities in Wyoming including the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH), to lower the incidence of rabies exposure. Methods utilized in this paper were a literature review, analysis of other state public health programs, and collaboration with WDH. Primary recommendations include bat vaccination research, an increase in inter-departmental communication and collaboration, and an education program to alert the public to the risk of rabies. Recommendations for next steps include a pilot study to determine general knowledge of rabies recommendations and protocols among professionals, pilot research on a rabies vaccine in bats, and implementation of a communication flow and an education program on rabies risk mitigation.
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