Cherokee Rose Plaza: A Mixed-Use Development in Atlanta, GA

Ranft, Gregory
This project was for ARE-4600, Architectural Design II, which is the senior design course in the architectural engineering program. All of the design was completed with a partner in the class, Nick Ramirez, and then expanded on for my Senior Honors Project. Site requirements such as the location in Atlanta and square footage requirements for office, residential, retail, and hotel space were given, and the design process was started from scratch. Various preliminary concepts were considered, tried, and rejected before the final basic design was chosen, which consisted of four separate structures, the tallest of which is 750 feet, for each purpose on site. The buildings were linked through architectural and aesthetic details. The result was a final, nearly complete, basic design which met all requirements and vastly increased our knowledge of the design process. Through our numerous attempts and failures, including a nearly complete design that we had to reject, we learned design principles, practical but obstructive considerations that go into all design, and above all, teamwork and collaboration.
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