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Enhancing Childbirth Satisfaction through a Brief, Targeted Education Intervention

Thompson, Dyan
Background: A woman's experience during childbirth should be positive and meaningful, yet a large body of literature reports maternal dissatisfaction with labor and childbirth experiences. Purpose: The purpose of this descriptive, comparative study is to explore the effects of a brief, targeted educational intervention on childbirth satisfaction, using a family medicine setting. The aims of this project are to: test the feasibility of implementing a brief (1/2 hour), targeted educational intervention with women in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy as an added service to a routinely scheduled office visit; compare postpartum childbirth satisfaction (two weeks postpartum) of obstetrical patients who receive the brief, targeted educational session in their third trimester of care to a group of similar patients who receive routine obstetrical care. Participants: Pregnant women (a) in their third trimester of pregnancy (b) have not taken childbirth preparation classes during this pregnancy, (c) not receiving additional specialty care because of high risk, (d) 18-34 years old, (e) first time or previous pregnancy, and (f) able to understand and read English. Intervention group (n=>10), comparison group (n=10). Methods: Participants for the intervention group will receive a brief, targeted education session in their third trimester of pregnancy and complete a childbirth satisfaction survey at two weeks postpartum. Participants for the comparison group (usual care only) will only complete a childbirth satisfaction survey at two weeks postpartum. Analysis will be descriptive statistics and t-tests. Results: Findings will be recorded in the presentation.
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