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Sensational Service Through Transformational Travel

Marks, Cassidy
Travel and service are two fundamental activities for me. One way I have been able to combine these experiences and cultivate my love for them is through the University of Wyoming's Alternative Breaks Program. The mission of this program is, "to engage the University of Wyoming community in service and experiential learning while promoting global citizenship". The goals for students include, but are not limited to, "enact positive change through service, develop a stronger community between students, empower student leaders, becoming further educated on social justice issues, as well as encourage students to become active citizens". It is through the Alternative Breaks program that I have been able to see positive changes in myself, as I have reached some of the goals outlined for students. My first exposure to Alternative Breaks was during my sophomore year, when I went to Kanab, Utah. We worked with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary while focusing on animal wellness for this trip. One year later, I went to Matelot, Trinidad. The focus of this trip was community development and women's education. The two trips were drastically different, while remaining equally impactful. This year, I have the tremendous opportunity to co-lead a trip to Arizona in March 2018. The goal for this trip is to learn about, and provide service for immigration rights and reform. To do so, we will work with non-profit organizations in Tucson and Phoenix, getting exposure to people whose lives are affected by immigration rights on a daily basis.
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