Improving Vehicle Operating Time for the UW eBaja

Leibrich, Michael
Kelsey, Zac
Page, Taylor
The University of Wyoming eBaja is an electrically powered off road vehicle designed for entertainment use. A common design problem with electronic vehicles is their limited operating time. The eBaja battery team improved the operating time of the vehicle with two design changes. First, we purchased new LiPO4 batteries. Compared to the lead acid batteries used in last year's design, the increased energy density and lighter weight allows for a longer operating time per battery pack. Second, we designed an interchangeable battery pack system. After discharging the first battery pack, the user may easily remove the batteries from the vehicle, exchange charged batteries onto the vehicle, and continue using the vehicle while charging the drained pack. If the user purchases enough battery packs, the interchangeable battery pack system allows for continuous use of the vehicle. To enable a single user to exchange the battery pack, we split the 52V battery pack into two 30lbm, 26V banks. The battery banks are contained in identical, sealed boxes that secure onto the vehicle using guiding pins and spring locks. In addition to the interchangeable pack system, we designed a high performance option where the user may install two battery packs onto the vehicle for a total 102V. These changes create a more enjoyable experience for the user.
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