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Bedside Shift Report Effect on Nurse-Patient Communication Relationships Final Copy

Sefcik, Nikki
The purpose of this research paper is to investigate how nurse bedside shift report (BSR) effects the nurse-patient communication relationship. BSR is a specific type of report aimed to improving communication between nurses and patients. This paper will compare nurses giving a report at the patient’s bedside to nurses who do not. It will also address communication barriers that may exist during the patient’s hospital stay created by not utilizing BSR. A research question in PICOT format has been developed to explore this area of concern. This paper will also focus on the importance of BSR, discuss communication pathways on medical surgical units, define terms, and review relevant literature related to this topic. Finally, the paper will cover the importance of this issue related to clinical practice and potential solutions to help address implementing BSR into clinical practice.
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patient-centered care,safety,nurse-patient communication,clinical practice,shift report,bedside shift report
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