Art and Oils: Mediums for Self-Internalization

Balzan, Whitney
Through previous research into art therapy, and investigations of the art of specific artists, I have discovered ways in which art can help uncover one's self on a deeper level. Carol Prusa is an artist who combines her scientific background with her artistic ability; a very precise process involving anatomy, mathematics, physics, domes, LED lights and silverpoint techniques. To find this art form she followed a path of self-discovery by exploring various art mediums, techniques, concepts and purposes. She currently describes herself as a "conceptual voyager", and continues to use discovery processes to develop her artistic abilities. I will investigate the influences of artists Carol Prusa and Brian Dickerson, continue researching the field of art therapy, and engage in creative art making processes as a means to self-internalization. I will use oils and charcoal as tools in my own discovery processes. My focus continues to be the human body (Prusa) and abstraction (Dickerson). The impact of this study will be to bring awareness of the healing and freeing aspects of artistic creation. The ordinary person may not be an "artist" but by freeing themselves to create, they may gain insight to their personality, memories, past and even future.
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