Electronics Craps Table

Valdez, John
Craps is a dice game played in casinos all over the world. In this game the players place bets, wager money, against the casino on the outcome of the roll of two dice. Bets are tracked by three highly trained casino workers split into three positions; two dealers and one stickman. There is generally no set limit as to how many players can play on a craps table though a full table may have 16 or more players at one time. With this many players, keeping track of all the bets can be a daunting task for even a highly trained dealer/stickman and mistakes can and do occur. The pace of the game slows down with the increased amount of players because more bets have to be placed, paid out or collected after each roll of the dice. My senior design project incorporates electronics into the game of craps to track bets and payouts while maintaining the interactive appeal of the game. My project includes two stations for data entry into a main computer which will control the gameplay. The main station is controlled by the player and is used to enter bets and the track player's funds. The second station is controlled by the dealer/stickman to enter the dice values after each roll. The main computer tracks all betting and payout information for the player and control the flow of the game. My electronic craps table keeps the dice rolling interactivity for the players while incorporating hardware and software to increase the speed and accuracy of the game of craps.
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