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President Harding at Artists' Point, Yellowstone Falls, Wyo.

PRESIDENT HARDING AT INSPIRATION POINT, YELLOWSTONE FALLS, WYO. While President Harding was on this tour of study and observation, he prepared, in a careful manner, a speech which he expected to deliver at San Francisco. Secretary Christian delivered the address which President Harding was to have given. The President said that when his administration came into responsibility four main tasks were undertaken, namely; first, the establishment of peace with the Central Powers; second, the protection from the chaos of conflicting national interests, the just rights of the United States and the legitimate interests of American citizens; third, the creation of an international situation, so far as the United States might contribute, which would give the best assurance of peace for the future; fourth, the pursuit of the traditional American policy of friendly co-operation with our sister Republics of the Western Hemisphere. The President might have added at least two others that, to the American people, seem of equal, if not greater, importance, namely: the problem of unemployment and the problem of rapidly increasing taxation. We remember distinctly how depressing the non-employment situation was. Since then, matters have ben reversed. Now, we have to consider ways and means to fill a million jobs which want workers and cannot find them. The President, with his characteristic generosity, did not take credit to himself for this change in the condition of our people. Rather, he said, that this change was brought about by co-operation. What we have done, no other people has paralleled. the budget system put into operation under President Harding's administration has resulted in the saving of hundres of thousands of dollars. This will, ultimately, reduce our burdens of taxation.
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