PhatLabs: Music Development Application

Arambula, Miguel
Harper, Jake
Shea, Reuben
Weingardt, Patrick
The ability to digitally produce music generally requires expensive hardware and software. Software to create digital compositions on mobile platforms can provide more accessibility and provide ease of production while traveling. However, the few affordable options on the market often lack or limit essential features. For example, a common limitation would be the disallowance of custom audio samples, no audio sequencer to play or loop a series of samples, or both of the aforementioned. Our senior design project aims to address this problem by providing a piece of software for the Android platform that can utilize custom audio samples, both pre-recorded or recorded in-app, a flexible sequencer that can arrange, play, and loop multiple tracks of samples, as well as the ability to export the final audio track or utilize the sequence live. Our application, through these features, provides an easy way to compose audio tracks for the casual user.
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