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PhotoHound: Using Geographic Location, Pictures, and Adventure to Create a New Application for Social Media

Haukaas, Keegan L.
Social media applications have become ubiquitous and they can take up huge chunks of our time. Most social media apps are used at home and can sometimes keep people from venturing outside. Our app aims to give people the fun of social media while also giving them the excitement of discovering a new place. The app will allow users to create PhotoCaches, photos with geo-location information that other users can "complete". These PhotoCaches will be viewable and can be added to a to-do list. With this app, users will have to explore the location where the original PhotoCache was taken in order to complete said PhotoCache and receive the reward for completing it. Completing a PhotoCache involves discovering the location and position where the original photo was taken, and taking a similar photo. The new photo is evaluated through geographic location and orientation of the phone to determine if the photo is similar enough to the original. PhotoCaches are organized into separate, easily navigated streams. These streams include PhotoCaches near the user, popular PhotoCaches around the world, and PhotoCaches that pertain to interests the user has listed in their profile. With all the included features, we hope to produce an enjoyable user experience that will create a vibrant crowd-sourced game.
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