Sustaining Sustainability: a Management Plan for ACRES Student Farm

Legg, Sarah
Agricultural Community Resources for Everyday Sustainability (ACRES) Student Farm is a student organization at the University of Wyoming whose mission is to provide the University of Wyoming and local Laramie communities with local, sustainably-grown produce while promoting agricultural awareness and involvement. As a well-established organization that provides community supported agriculture (CSA) shares, conducts a city-wide composting program, sells produce at two Laramie farmers' markets, and provides countless educational and research opportunities, ACRES has experienced exponential growth in the six years since its conception. However, the transient nature of the student management and work force also causes the farm to continually suffer losses in efficiency and acquired knowledge, as the lack of consistent management leads to unsustainable internal functioning. This project seeks to develop alternatives for a management plan for ACRES that build on information regarding management structure from other student farms across the country and that also incorporate previous knowledge acquired by ACRES members. The research culminates in the creation of a management handbook for the on-site use of current and future ACRES members. The handbook will serve as a tool to help the farm run as efficiently as possible, thus sustaining ACRES for years to come.
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