Monoclonal Antibody Production Against Synthetic Peptides Representing PrPc and Recombinant Prion Proteins (rPrP)

McDaniel, Kaitlin
Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy that is endemic to the Southern Wyoming/Northern Colorado area. In a previous study, we produced monoclonal antibodies against synthetic peptide sequences representing PrPc 225F (phenylalanine at position 225) and 225S (serine at position 225) prion peptides and screened by ELISA for reactivity to synthetic PrPc. ELISA and Western blot results confirmed that antibodies were produced against the synthetic peptide, but did not distinguish between the two alleles. Next, we produced monoclonal antibodies against recombinant prion proteins that express the same dimorphism as the synthetic peptides. ELISA screening is underway to determine the specificity of the monoclonal antibodies. This furthers research on prion biology by allowing genotype determination of tissues and the examination of cellular expression differences that may occur between the two mule deer genotypes and susceptibility to CWD.
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