Evaluating the Use and Effectiveness of Technology in Mathematics Classrooms

Estes, Erin
Current research supports the claim that implementing technology into mathematics classrooms increases students' comprehension of various mathematical subjects. However, there are a variety of opinions on whether particular types of technology are increasing procedural or conceptual understandings of mathematics, or both. There is a need to consider why technology may not be used in the classroom. The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of using technology in Wyoming high school mathematics education classrooms, and consider factors that influence the integration of those same technologies. This study examined the usage of technology by Wyoming High School teachers to determine the extent that technology aids in students' understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures. The survey assessed the degree to which the teachers use technology in their classrooms, what factors led to the implementation of technologies, and the conceptual and procedural benefits they have seen in their students. The results revealed that well over half of the teachers agreed that using technology aides in conceptual understanding, fewer agreed that it helps with procedural understanding. Other results of the survey suggest that funding, expertise, and professional development may be partial causes for lack of technology in some Wyoming classrooms.
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