Electronic Stethoscope

Ashburn, Dylan
In almost every encounter with a medical professional, the one thing that can be counted on is that someone will record vital sign data. It only makes sense because some of these vitals, like heart rate and condition, make up the body's most basic functions. However, when listening to the heart, it can sometimes be tricky to notice specific cues through natural acoustics alone. On top of that, the patient loses the opportunity to listen to, and learn from, these moments as well. The goal of this project was to create an electronic stethoscope capable of transmitting data through Bluetooth signals to a receiver. This receiver could then be plugged in to different audio systems, depending on preference of the user, to listen to and evaluate the human heart. A 9-volt signal is run through a pre-amplifier, to prepare it for the impeding gain. Then, the signal makes its way through two operational amplifiers, a potentiometer for gain control, and finally a low noise audio amplifier before being delivered to the stereo audio output and then to the various Bluetooth devices.
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