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Teaching an Essential Literacy Strategy to Third Graders

Gaudesi, Olivia J.
Teaching an Essential Literacy Strategy to Third Graders Olivia Gaudesi with Christi Thompson Elementary Education University of Wyoming Honors Department Chino, CA Teaching elementary education effectively is an experience that faces many different factors; some obvious, such as behavior and time management. It also includes factors that are sometimes overlooked such as varied student skill levels within one classroom and a one to thirty ratio between the teachers and students. Due to this, teachers must differentiate instruction in a stride towards utilizing the best practices to encourage student growth levels in reading and writing. The intent of this project is to determine if using the “gradual release model” and “teacher modeling” strategies are best practices for teaching how to use reading and writing to summarize non-fiction text. Students were led through a literacy unit of four lessons, and assessed based on their final writing component on day four. The varied growth results from students of different reading and writing levels are analyzed and discussed.
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