Boxers and Bowties: How media affects Fraternity men at Omega University

Miller, Sean
When freshmen enter college there is an expectation of how one conforms to the college lifestyle. For some men, that is by joining a collegiate fraternity or a brotherhood of men who have common hobbies and interests. Media, such as, Animal House, and Revenge of the Nerds have contributed to stereotyping of privilege and entitlement among fraternity men. My research will examine how these influences in fraternity culture create and validate the construction and performance of masculinity for "Greek" men. The interviews address three main areas: 1. How being a fraternity man validates their masculinity. 2. The performance of one's masculinity through the lens of fraternities. 3. How stereotypes and archetypes such as: frat star, frat daddy, and frat boy affects the fraternity man's relationships with others.
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