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Mantle Transition Zone Topography and Structure Beneath the Yellowstone Hotspot

Fee, D.
Dueker, Ken
The depths of the 410 and 660 km discontinuities beneath the Yellowstone hotspot are constrained using common conversion point imaging of P-wave receiver functions. The mean depth of the 410 and 660 is 411±1.5 km and 656±1.6 km, with 36-40 km of peak to peak topography. This topography is spatially uncorrelated, providing no evidence for a lower mantle plume currently beneath the hotspot. The topography suggests that ±200°C thermal anomalies exist with respect to an average mantle adiabat. Two warmer than normal regions are found: at the 410 to the NNW of the hotspot and at the 660 to the NE. Colder temperatures exist at the 410 under central Wyoming. Upper mantle convection and/or intermittent heat and mass transfer across the 660 may be responsible for the uncorrelated topography. Three negative arrivals about the 410 and 660 are observed that display correct Pds moveout.
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