Folding Panel Saw Frame

Wotkyns, J. Kelly
Marquardt, Jordan
Lampe, Gunnar
Woods, Steve
Working with large sheet material is an integral part of the woodworking vocation, however large sheets are difficult to maneuver and cut for an individual. Panel saws address these complications providing the capability of holding the material so cuts can be made safely and by a single operator. Currently, most panel saws have ridged frames with only a vertical travel motion, and the ability to rotate the saw and push the material through for horizontal cuts. With a ridged frame, the panel saw has a large footprint and is non-portable. SAWorks Engineering has partnered with Mr. Ron Borgialli, owner of Cam Works, LLC of Laramie Wyoming, to design and fabricate a prototype folding panel saw frame with the additional ability of making diagonal cuts. A folding panel saw will be easier to store, more mobile, and can be incorporated into small personal shops and used on offsite projects. The compact and portable nature of a folding panel saw frame opens the market to a new clientele who has not previously considered the viability of a panel saw. The added ability to make diagonal, beveled, and mitered cuts will add advantages to detailed woodworking not achievable by the standard panel saw. These features eliminate the necessity for other large shop equipment, such as table saws and compound miter saws. This panel saw frame can be operated by a single individual and be adaptable to either a circular saw or router. The saw/router will travel on vertical and horizontal guides to make cuts without moving the material. The design will be developed and fabricated between September 2013 and May 2014, meeting the expectations of the mechanical engineering senior design course at the University of Wyoming. The goal of the project is to provide a panel saw capable of exceeding the functions of traditional panel saws while maintaining ease of user operation.
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