Flash Gas Management Analysis

Behrends, Luke
Costello, Tayln
Knight, Josh
Shaffer, Thomas
Smith, Tylynn
The petroleum industry is always evolving and improving, both in profitability and environmental responsibility. Jonah Energy in Pinedale, Wyoming is a on the cutting edge of that innovation. As a senior design team, they have asked us to specifically investigate the economic viability of different flash gas management solutions. The first option is to install a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU). This unit routes the flash gas through a scrubber for dehydration, through a compressor for pressurization and then into the sales line. This is both economically and environmentally more beneficial than flaring the gas. However, certain flash gas rates are required to cover the initial and maintenance cost of the VRU. The second option is to install a Power Generating Combustor (PGC). This combustor is cutting edge technology and will route the flash gas into a combustor to create power, this power can then be used on site at the production facilities, lowering cost and emissions. However, certain flash gas rates are required to produce a sufficient amount of power. Through our Flash Gas Management Analysis our overall project objective is to reduce emissions and increase capital efficiency through the installation of VRUs or PGCs and associated electric powered equipment. As a team we have analyzed at what rates of condensate production the volume of flash gas is sufficient to efficiently operate each of these technologies.
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